Sunday Snapshot: Shrimp Fishing [New Taipei City, Taiwan]

If you’re a fan of¬†Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover”, this picture may remind you of his Taipei episode. Urban shrimp fishing (or shrimping) is a well known past time here in Taiwan. For a small hourly fee (roughly $10 USD) you are given a fishing pole, a tray and unlimited bait. Once your time is up, you can take your catch over to the on-site ovens to clean, skewer, and cook. Then relax with a Taiwan beer and enjoy your hard earned dinner.

The experience of sitting indoors around a murky pool trying to catch your dinner can seem a bit odd (especially if you have zero fishing experience like me) but if you’re looking for an activity that’s uniquely Taiwanese, this is it.

Shrimp Fishing

For more information:

Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover

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The Lin Family Mansion [Taipei, Taiwan]

The mansion is located in the Banqiao District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. The oldest portion of the complex was built in 1847 and subsequent buildings were added in the years following. The complex now includes 6 halls, a library, a study, small ponds, and multiple entrances and bridges. In my experience, there are so many beautiful intricacies to the architecture, you could easily spend hours wandering around taking pictures.


Lin Family Mansion. dragon fabric.Taipei,Taiwan. 2.27.2014


Lin Family Mansion. Hallway. Taipei,Taiwan. 2.27.2014


Lin Family Mansion. Lights. Taipei,Taiwan. 2.27.2014


Lin Family Mansion.Boyinchair.Taipei,Taiwan. 2.22.2014


Lin Family Mansion. Main house. Taipei,Taiwan. 2.27.2014 (2)


Lin Family Mansion.circledoor.Taipei,Taiwan. 2.27.2014


Lin Family Mansion.pond. Taipei,Taiwan. 2.27.2014


Lin Family Mansion.Pond.Taipei,Taiwan.2.27.2014


 For more information including directions and opening hours:

The Lin Family Mansion

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