Sunday Snapshot: Djemaa el-Fnaa Souk [Marrakech, Morocco]

This was taken near the ceramics souk in Marrakech. It was one of the most crowded places I’ve ever experienced.

As a photographer, there’s no shortage of subject matter here; however, be aware that not all people working in the souks are happy to have their photo taken so ask first (and always with a smile).

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Sunday Snapshot: Outside the Medina [Fez, Morocco]

The Medina of Fez (or Fes el Bali) was developed as the capital of the Idrisid Dynasty during the 9th century. Today, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its leather tanneries, intricate mosaics and well-preserved medieval architecture.

You will easily get lost in the maze-like alleyways so be aware of your starting point and also where you’re trying to go before entering the walled city.

This picture was taken just before sunset as I was making my way back from a long day exploring the Medina.



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