Sunday Snapshot: The Dragon & Tiger Pagodas [Kaohsiung, Taiwan]

The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are found on Lotus Lake in the southern city of Kaohsiung. The temple was built in 1976 and showcases paintings of Confucius, Buddhists monks and depictions of heaven and hell . Traditionally, you should enter through the Dragon’s throat and exit through the Tiger’s mouth. This pathway symbolizes changing bad luck into good luck. If you were to take this process in reverse, it’s considered a sign of bad fortune.

I arrived in the evening with less than an hour before the lights were shut off and the gates closed. I would suggest leaving yourself much more time to walk around the pagodas and explore Lotus Lake in general. There are less popular but equally beautiful pagodas just to the left of the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas which have a variety of statues and a pier that extends out over Lotus Lake and is lined with paper lanterns.

Dragon & Tiger Pagoda, Kaohsiung


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